Revit MEP/BIM Integration Process

Revit MEP Suite is our main tool for creating a BIM Model. Our Revit MEP/BIM services are as follows:

  • Produce drawings created using AutoCAD or Revit MEP Suite that can be shared with the Architectural or Construction team for collision testing and project review.
  • Input existing building into AutoCAD from field observations.  We can then convert this information into CAD format so that it can easily be modified or updated.
  • With the advancement of 3D CAD (AutoCAD and Revit MEP) create a virtual model of building systems to resolve conflicts and problems prior to construction.
  • Incorporate MEP/FP and run collision testing prior to starting construction to improve coordination and reduce costly change orders during construction.
  • Provide scanning, up to 40” wide if necessary, to produce a raster format for archiving old print drawings. Conversion into a CAD format is also available using AutoCAD or Revit MEP Suite.

Our approach is as follows:

Design Phase
  • Vital role in creating BIM Execution Plan at the project inception
  • In house quality control department periodically audits BIM model for the strict adherence to the execution plan
  • Participation in weekly BIM meeting with architects and other disciplines i.e. structural
  • Worked in real time keeping all the discipline models on to minimize the conflicts
  • Used in built inference check feature to detect clashes and resolved them
  • Utilized certain features of the BIM software to size various systems
  • Utilized external software “Navisworks” to detect clashes for the project required tolerance limits.
  • Obtained BIM families from most of the manufacturer so that model is accurate.
  • Created BIM families for certain products
Construction Phase
  • Eased off the lengthy coordination process
  • Made changes for the different approach by the contractor
  • Utilized BIM for equipment counts
  • Restrained contractor not to deviate from already coordination plans

Lakhani & Jordan has utilized the Revit MEP/BIM program for the following projects:

New York, New York

Henry J. Carter Speciality Hospital and Nursing Facility

Client: NYC Economic Development Corporation
Construction Cost: $100 Million
Bronx, New York

Bronx Psychiatric Center Adult Behavioral Health Center

Client: Dormitory Authority State of New York and the New York State Office of Mental Health
Construction Cost: $150 Million
New York, New York

New York City Hall Renovation

Client: NYC Department of Design & Construction
Construction Cost: $152 Million
New Paltz, New York

SUNY New Paltz Ridgeview Hall

Client: Dormitory Authority State of New York
Construction Cost: $33 Million