The project involved the design of a new 72,000 SF, 500-student elementary school that replaces an out-of-date building formerly on the site.  The project incorporated energy efficient components to help create an up-to-date high tech facility.

The building offers pre-kindergarten through grade six, with classrooms for Art, Music, English as a Second Language, special education programs and computer labs.  It also included a gymnasium, library, 500-seat auditorium, full kitchen and cafeteria and administrative and support spaces.

All classrooms and computer labs were wired for computer terminals and cable television.   Its energy efficient features included HVAC system zoning, high efficiency motors, energy efficient lighting, water saving plumbing fixtures and central building management system.

HVAC system design included two air cooled split chillers using R134a as refrigerant.  There are a variety of special areas fed by independent A/C units including the cafeteria, auditorium, interior offices, kitchen and gymnasium.  The heating system included two oil fired, cast iron boilers and pumps.  The perimeter system included two pipe unit ventilators with chilled and hot water coils.  The entire facility was designed with fully automated building and energy management systems.

Electrical system design included a special one point lighting management design so that all lights can be turned on and off from one location.  There are also user friendly lighting controls with lighting specified for varied occupancy.  A dedicated power distribution system maximizes energy conservation and flexibility and allows for cleaner power to computers. Other state-of-the-art systems included telecommunications, which takes advantage of internet technology, and the fire alarm and public address systems.

The project was designed and performed in compliance with the New York State Education Department (SED) requirements.


Yonkers Public Schools


Dattner Architects


72,000 SF


Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Plumbing Engineering
Fire Protection Engineering

Construction Cost

$17.5 Million

Completion Date



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Project Manager
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