The 340 West Street building is an approximately 350,000 SF facility with Bloomberg, L.P. occupying most of the space.

On-call engineering services were provided to the Bloomberg, L.P. which included the following:

Generator Oil Tank Addition

The project consisted of preparing a feasibility study report for the addition of oil tanks.  The oil tanks fuel storage capacity would be seven days for the existing generator plants.

At present, Bloomberg, L.P. has four 1600 KW (each) generators and four 2000 KW (each) generators at the above facility, located on the roof with three 4000 gallon (each) oil storage tanks in basement and two oil transfer pump sets serving the generators.

New tanks will be added in presently vacant space in the basement.  The feasibility report will identify options for additional oil storage tanks and associated hours of operation for generators.

Subsequent to the study, L&J provided design and construction phase services for the addition of the oil tanks to provide total (existing and new) fuel storage capacity for operation of the existing generator plants up to 72 hours maximum per criteria developed in their feasibility report.

Basement Oil Tank & New Storage Space

The project involved the design of a new storage space (approximately 18,000 SF) that will be separated from the landlord’s space with a new demising wall. The landlord’s space is approximately 15,000 SF of space.

The scope of work included the revision of the oil tank fills from three existing fuel oil tanks to two new fuel oil tanks to be located inside a truck bay in lieu of outside the building.


Bloomberg, LP


in-Form design Architects


350,000 SF


Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Plumbing Engineering
Fire Protection Engineering

Construction Cost

$3.8 Million

Completion Date



Mr. John Bernabeo
Facilities Manager
Bloomberg, LP
340 West Street
New York, NY 10015
(212) 647-6679