This project consisted of the construction of a new 230-bed, 300,000 SF building for the relocation and consolidation of psychiatric and chemical dependency inpatient and outpatient services, currently located in six obsolete, code-deficient buildings.

The program areas include: Adult Inpatient Psychiatry, Psychiatric Emergency Room (CPEP), Prison Unit, Psychiatry Administration, Child and Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatry and School, Child & Adolescent Outpatient Psychiatry, K-5 Building – Outpatient Addictive Diseases, Methadone, Educational and Vocational Rehabilitation; Outpatient Addictive Disease and Alcohol Clinics, and AA program.

Electrical system design included 27kv voltage feeders in concrete encased duct banks from the Con Edison property line boxes, four (4) new network transformer vaults, four (4) 2,500 kva, 26.4 kv – 265/460 v network transformers, network protectors, collector bus, two (2) 265/460v, 4000A service switchboards with two level ground fault protection, 1750 KW at 265/460v generator in an outdoor enclosure with base mounted 10,000 gallon fuel tank, 460v emergency feeders in concrete encaged duct banks, three (3) emergency switchboards (life safety, critical, & equipment branch) with ground fault alarms and adjustable circuit breakers to provide selective coordination, step-down transformers, automatic transfer switches with by-pass isolation switch, cable and conduit power distribution system, interior and exterior lighting systems, lighting control systems, patient assist, and fire alarm systems.

During the design stage, L&J analyzed loads, met with and corresponded with Con Edison to determine the electric service options and analyzed and developed concepts.  Based on the costs/benefits analysis, DASNY and the Hospital selected the 265/460v electric service option.


Dormitory Authority State of New York & NYS Office of Mental Health


RBSD Architects


300,000 SF


Electrical Engineering

Construction Cost

$153 Million

Completion Date



Mr. Robert Thelian
Dormitory Authority State of New York
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Mr. Larry Fink
Project Manager
RBS&D Architects
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