The project involved the design of a new 3-story, 147,000 SF academic building to be placed on a site which will define a new entrance to the campus. The building will house classrooms, faculty offices, computer labs and administrative offices for three schools: Arts & Sciences, Education and Business, as well as common instructional and support spaces. The building will include 42 classrooms, a 150-seat lecture hall, five computer labs, a café and student lounge, and offices for the three schools.

HVAC system design utilized available chilled water (500 ton cooling capacity) and hot water (175 boiler horse power heating capacity) from the central plant. The system also featured outside air handling units, air cooled split A/C units, glycol hot water freeze protection heat exchanger with circulating pump(s) system, VAV boxes with reheat coil, finned tube radiation system, exhaust fans with monitoring system, and direct digital controls with building management systems.

Electrical system design included extension of primary (13.2 kV) primary selective underground electric service, 15 kV load interrupter switch, indoor 1000 kVA  cast coil transformer, one 2,000A 265/460V service with ground fault protection, electronic type circuit breakers, power monitoring, one 151 kW gas driven indoor emergency generator, step-down transformers, lighting and lighting control systems, cable and conduit, normal and emergency power distribution systems, fire alarm, communication, and security systems.

Plumbing and fire protection system design included domestic water system, cold water, hot water and hot water return, sanitary waste and vent system, natural gas system, underground drainage system and sump pumps, fire protection manual standpipe system and sprinkler system.


State University Construction Fund


Kliment Halsband Architects


147,000 SF


Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Plumbing Engineering
Fire Protection Engineering

Construction Cost

$64 Million

Completion Date



Gold Certified


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